Dev-ops is a collection of video tutorials designed to help Development Operations Teams work smarter…  and use their systems better.
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You will find three types of Micro-Tutorials on this site:

  • Overview: High-level and non-technical, designed for Directors of Development and leaders of fundraising teams.
  • Presentation: Similar in scope and content to an Overview but with links to additional resources that might be useful for implementation or reference.
  • Demo: Hands-on technical training geared toward database managers and admins.

Tutorials are also grouped into broad function-based Categories and tagged if they related to a specific software product or common process.

As you view these tutorials, please keep the following in mind:

First, each tutorial is in response to a question repeatedly asked by client organizations, and we have scores of micro-tutorials in the production queue. If there’s a specific question or issue you’d like to address, please send let us know submitting a request or ranking a tutorial in the queue.  You can also indicate what software products and general topics you’re most interested in, and sign up to be notified when new tutorials are added.

Also, we know that every organization is different, so if you’d like to add a comment, make a correction, or expand on a tutorial, please do so using the Leave a Reply form on the post, and if it’s applicable to your comment, indicate what software product you are using.

And finally, technology is changing fast and products evolve rapidly. We do our best to stay current and post only accurate information, so again, please let us know if any of the recommendations you see in these videos are no longer available in your application, or if product functionality has been improved so we can make adjustments to our content.

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